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The documentation center “Peace & Environment” has more than 1500 books and several magazines available for consultation. Topics include:

  • non-violent conflict management
  • manuals for teachers and educators
  • environment, ecology and sustainable development
  • critical consumption
  • history of nonviolence and conflict mess and macro
  • economy and development

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Do you have any old books covering any of the topics represented in the Documentation Centre at home and do you want to make them available to everyone? Write to info@casaperlapacemilano.it, bring in your books and they will be catalogued and made ‚Äč‚Äčavailable for loan immediately!

Warning: the Documentation Centre “Peace & Environment” is open by appointment only. Please contact us here:

email: info@casaperlapacemilano.it

Phone: 02 55 23 03 32