Dal 30 novembre al 8 dicembre 2019

Corso di formazione residenziale rivolto a operatori giovanili “Community Building through Systemic Theatre“.
La formazione si terrà in inglese ed è completamente gratuita (10€ di tessera associativa di Casa per la Pace Milano). Modulo di iscrizione Iscrizioni aperte fino al  4 novembre

Some information about this project.

The partners:
Casa per la Pace Milano – Milan, Italy. Projects coordinator.
Tres social – Madrid, Spain. Projects partner.
Breaking the borders – Athens, Greece. Projects partner.
Theater vision e.V- Leipzig- Germany. Projects partner.
Activity dates
Arrival for people coming from Germany, Spain and Greece on 29th November evening. People coming from Italy don’t have the 29th night expenses covered by the project.
Starting time on 30th November morning.
Ending time on 8th December around 12:30.
The training week will take part in Milan, we will be host in OstellOlinda (ex Ospedale Psichiatrico Paolo Pini
via Ippocrate 45, 20161 Milano ). Metro Affori FN.



To facilitate a deep reflexion and personal work about issues like violence, belonging and complexity in human relationships, reconciliation and conflict transformation process.

To get a large knowledge and practice about Systemic Theatre, artistic tools and groups facilitation techniques.  

To accompany participants in a future implementation of the method in their own work contexts.

Brief description of Systemic Theatre:

Innovative method that connects theatre of the oppressed, systemic approach and process-oriented psychology. The aim is to accompany groups and communities through reconciliation and conflict transformation process. The challenge is to bring groups towards a new paradigm of living, creating and staying together.

The training proposal combines body research with our inner child, artistic tools and groups facilitation techniques.