September 26 & 27, a big event in Corvetto came to bring a lot of color in the neighborhood. Indeed, people from variety of organization in Milan came to give a hand with all this amazing job.

This initiative has been being organized for a long time, as soon as Corona Virus brought up many difficulties, but has finally become accomplished ending up giving happiness to both dwellers and people that came from other neighborhoods to help.

The plan was to transform Piazza Ferrara into a colorful one and design the illustration of a snake, the oldest symbol of the city. The snake has been a historical sign for the city since 11th century and was actually brought here from Istanbul, since then has been used as an important symbol by plethora of organizations in this city.

What impressed us more is the fact that not only adults participated but also children took the initiative to help, while enjoying playing with colors in a friendly atmosphere where everyone became a family thanks to the square existing!