EVS Training in Rome

At the beginning of every EVS project, all volunteers are invited to attend a week-long ‘on-arrival training’ in the country they are volunteering for. Took Our training place just outside Rome and Brought together over 30 volunteers coming from all over Italy . We were a great mix of people with volunteers coming from Both Europe and Africa to volunteer in Italy.


The aim of the training was to inform us of all the relavant information we need to know about EVS, to introduce us to Italy and Italian cultures, to help us get to know each other in order to build a network of volunteers Throughout Italy and to Ensure a support structure is in place for us.

The training was divided into two parts: the mornings were dedicated to an Italian language course where we were split into two groups, a basic and an advanced group,-depending on the volunteers’ previous knowledge.

The afternoon sessions were built around the EVS experience and intercultural learning. We discussed our motivation for volunteering, what we hoped to Achieve, Whether our experiences were currently living up to our expectations and our rights and duties as EVS volunteers. We also focused on intercultural awareness Regarding social and cultural norms, stereotypes and discrimination. All the tasks were split up into different interactive games and workshops so we had fun while learning.We did everything from singing karaoke, taking part in quizzes, learning traditional dances, watching films and creating presentations.

A highlight of the training was definitely the day trip to Rome where we had a day off from our usual activities and we were able to be tourists in Italy’s capital. We enjoyed walking around the city in the sun, eating ice-cream and taking into all the sights.

The training was helpful on Both a professional and personal level as it equipped us with all the information we need to know to start our EVS projects and it was a great opportunity to meet new people, share our experiences with each other and make friendships with people from all over Italy.
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