Today is the second day of the first month here in this city, a very big and dark city! October , 2018.
The first few days were very splendid, everything was new, everything was beautiful and it felt good. New house, new country, a break from studies, away from the disdainful looks of everyday people in Portugal. I believe this is a new adventure, where i can broaden my horizons, meet different cultures, people, awake who i really am.

So far, i cannot say 100% that the city is beautiful! It is big and chaotic but at the same time, when we move away from the center, even if it is merely a 20 minute walk, i can find some green spaces. I live in a student area close to the university of Milan but here the students´commotion in the hours of agony can not be seen. Here i have no reason to complain about strangers, locality or lack of public transport ( it´s even better than in Portugal). Life in Milan is expensive, supermarket prices are like going shopping on the Continente or Pingo Doce in Portugal for medium products. The word CHEAP here in Milan does not exist. I have already visited some tourist sites and monuments and have nothing to say if not MAGNIFICENT. It is rare to find an Italian person around who is not chatting, smiling.. The ease of transport and the price of the monthly card allows me to go to any part of milan, suburban or urban, without any problem. Of course, at a certain point, it is difficult to move easily to some less touristy spots.
The flatmates are nice, so far i have nothing to say about them, but with me it is always like this, everything is beautiful at the beginning and nothing bothers me. In terms of home organization, we were able to organize ourselves in the cleaning. Of course, there are days when it is more untidy, but we communicate well to have  the harmony and cleanness of the house. Although each one of us has it´s own schedule and pace of operation, i think everything is working well so far. But of course not every day is bright.
Speaking of, as we say in Portuguese-SAUDADES, i miss Coimbra. Coimbra because i spent a great part of my life there, i miss being with the people i love, being in the places i know, participating in events, festivities. I even miss that initial stress of class and organization or rather the lack of it. Coimbra left a big mark on me, for the good and the bad moments that are a part of my life. I feel that not being there i am losing the friendships i had, the pace of growth.
The organization in Milan, called Casa Per La Pace, accepted me as a volunteer in this project, as i think, for my skills and knowledge. I believe i can do more than i am now, even though too little time has passed to say. There are people that i like and others that i do not like, but that´s the way to live socially.
The big problem right now is communicationm! I hope over time to get to learn more of italian language, know better the organization, the people who are a part of it, open paths for new friendships, create a “family” , because these people will be the main family and environment for me in this giant city.
Ana Beatriz Sousa