Corona Virus, the biggest policy maker of 2020, changed all norms in our social life. Even goals that we had set previously changed. The strange fact is that virus changed my life and brought me in the decision of coming to Italy, so somehow positive aspects can always be discovered. Better explaining, the incidence of the virus forced me stay at home, and that meant time for thinking for what are my ambitions in life. Later talking with friends, same had happened to many others too.

You see, some things are coming for a reason. And here we are for a reason!

What do I have in common with most Erasmus volunteers around the world is the passion for traveling. However, this was not the case this time. In reality, I felt that I am overwhelmed with traveling anymore and that I would really like to settle somewhere in order to work and focus on a specific field. Well Milan appeared as the ideal city

for me, close to Greece and offering many opportunities to young people.

More specifically, after quarantine period, I realised that my goal was to feel more productive and giving to society, whereas I yearned for the chance to share my visions with other people and get to see what little changes can make the society better, even starting from a local perspective.

It has been a month here, and I cant get enough of Milan city. Indeed, it has been a great experience from the very beginning. Well, it could not have not been, when taking into account you are exploring a new life, culture, cuisine and friends. You are getting exposed to so many different things and this can not be other than useful and beneficial for your future. You start adapting yourself to what first scared you, this is my first attainment checked on list.

In addition to the above, I turned the misfortunes into life lessons and I truly believe that this year will make me stronger in order to appreciate the good things and overcome the difficulties. Almost a month spent, and I can already feel highly accomplished on finding resolution varying from simple to the most complicated things.

Not to forget, our arrival in our beautiful apartment is more than a fortune. All anxieties and fears turned into laughs and happiness, immediately when I met my flatmates. Truly, this make me become trustful and faithful to humans, especially when feeling how valuable is the life sharing and support to each other.

To sum up with the most important, the biggest accomplishment is that I have even more expectations from this experience. Having lost faith for a long time, I could not imagine me finding purpose in life again and believing something good will really come. Through this project, I get to become again optimistic about the world!

I will come back to you soon with more updates and impressions. Since then be positive, be patient, and good things will come, sure!