Casapace Milano

Casapace è un laboratorio permanente di pratiche nonviolente.

Casa per la Pace Milano A.P.S.

Associazione di Promozione Sociale

CasaPace Milan is an organisation of social promotion , established in 2000, from the time of  introduction with the other pre-existed local organisations, with decades of experience on the sector of promotion of peace and nonviolent management of conflicts.

CasaPace is a non-stop working laboratory of nonviolent practices. Goal is to revert the  domestic violence of real life, through the power of nonviolence. This becomes attainable through facilitation, formation, social theater, actions in the region with local and international network  initiaves.

All of the actions and projects that CasaPace conducts are in favour of helping the process of the reversal of the conflicts , on the contrary to the diverse kinds of discrimination, for the empowerment  of people that they are in risk of getting marginalized , and in the shake of growth of an  educated community where respect of human rights, environment and social justice will be guaranteed.

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